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Around the World of Goaltending, April 6-April 12, 2017 Edition

April 13, 2017

In this edition of Around the World of Goaltending we have quite a bit to cover. The Women’s Worlds ended on Friday, there was the OHL Draft on Saturday, the CHL playoffs are still happening, the AHL regular season is coming to an end and more! So without much further ado I present to you thoughts and happens from around the world of goaltending.


1. We’ll start off with the end of the Women’s Worlds. The USA won (again) over Canada in OT for the Gold Medal on a 1-in-100 shot.


2. With the World’s ending also comes with the Top 3 Players per team, Top Goalie, and the goalie named to the Media All-Star Team.


3. Ivonne Schroder, Jennifer Harss, Shannon Szabados, Noora Raty, and Nicole Hensley were all named as Top 3 Players for their respective teams.


4. I really like that Schroder and Harss were named as Top 3 Players for Germany because they were both huge in ensuring that Germany made team history this tournament.


5. Happy for Nicole Hensley as well. She’s making a push to be the starter for the USA in the 2018 Olympics.


6. The Women’s Worlds was also a great reminder that Noora Raty and Shannon Szabados rule the crease. Szabados ended the tournament with being 1st in GSAA, 1st in GSAA/60, 2nd in SV%, and tied for 1st in Quality Starts %.


7. Noora Raty ended up leaving the WWC with a Bronze Medal, Top Goalie Award and being named to the Media All-Star team.


8. You can find all 2017, 2016, and 2015 WWC advanced goalie stats at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iDTG463wmF-ySgAz_k10CrTbrvujcaufeKio3Peopr4/edit?usp=sharing


9. You can also find the complete advanced goalie stats for ALL Olympic years in women’s ice hockey at this link:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1566DTFks1Dx2XIF47U3GZX504rR4u13OxAMjpaj6EgY/edit?usp=sharing


10. In related news Noora Raty signed on with Pyry in Finnish men’s hockey to continue her career there.


11. And last but not least the CWHL registration has started with only one goalie signed up so far in Sarah Park. This is great news and hopefully more follow her lead. However Sarah Park is a complete unknown to the public. There’s no University/College beside her name on the CWHL Draft Registration page and she doesn’t have an elite prospects profile either.


12. Last edition it was announced that Marcus Hogberg signed his ELC with the Ottawa Senators. This edition I’m happy to say that Hogberg made his North American pro debut making 28/33 saves in a 5-2L vs Rochester.


13. A lot has happened in the OHL so lets’ get started on this. First off lets’ start with Joseph Raaymakers of the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds who has been stellar in the playoffs. Raaymakers has posted a 9.527 GSAA, 1.52 GSAA/60, 0.943 SV%, a 1.000 QS% and all this while facing 33.35 SA/60.


14. On to the OHL Draft. This draft holds a bit of a special place for me since this is the first time I’ve scouted Minor Midget hockey and I’m glad I did. There are some special people and goalies involved who I appreciated having the chance to chat with.


15. In the OHL Draft 32 goalies from various areas/teams were taken. Owen Say, Jet Greaves, and Aidan Pitre were all at the top of my list of Alliance goalies and were taken in the draft. Owen Say was drafted by his home team, Jet Greaves will be fighting for a spot in Barrie while Aidan Pitre will be going across the border to Flint.


16. If you want to take a closer look at the three goalies drafted or at the undrafted goalies who will be looking for contracts at training camps, ask for a Scouting Report Here.


17. Across the border in the states the USHL named its Player of the Year and Goalie of the Year. The winner of both is Latvian-born Matīss Edmunds Kivlenieks. It’s always great to see a goalie take home both honours.


18. Almost to the end of this edition! Next up is another ELC signing. This time it’s a 2-year ELC for Shane Starrett with the Edmonton Oilers after spending two seasons in the Air Force Academy. In those two seasons Starrett was named AHA Goalie of the Year, AHA All-Rookie team, AHA 1st All-Star Team, AHA Champion, AHA Tournament MVP, and AHA 3rd All-Conference Team.


19. A little bit of odd news there’s potentially a 3rd women’s pro league coming to North America. At the 2017 Women’s Worlds there were stickers found around the arena with “AWHL 2018” on them. So either there’s more drama about to happen in the USA or it’s all one elaborate hoax.


20. Last but not least here is a list of Performances of the Week:

-Jamie Phillips made 40/42 saves in a 2-1OTL vs Grand Rapids

-Tyler Parsons recorded a 46-save shutout vs Erie

-Jordan Papirny made 53/54 saves in a 2-1OTW vs Regina

-Jeremy Brodeur made 50/52 saves in a 3-2W vs Mississauga

-Etienne Montpetit recorded 64/66 saves in a 2-1OTL vs Saint John  


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