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The 2018 Giants in the Crease Goalie Guide

June 13, 2018























I hope you’re ready to do some reading because it’s time to release The 2018 Giants in the Crease Goalie Guide! That’s right it’s finally here. Over 80 pages of content filled with everything from the NHL Draft to the CWHL to the NWHL to the Canadian Junior Leagues to wherever. With a bit less than two weeks until the draft you’ll be kept busy and the content is even relevant after the draft. For fans of women’s hockey this filled with content just for you as well. It’s the third year of the Top Goalies of Women’s Hockey rankings plus the second year that all CWHL/NWHL teams are reviewed plus an added page of content located in the Guide for you to find. Of course it is all goalie related so if you’re hoping to learn about Ty Smith or Liam Foudy this is not the place for it. Everywhere else is but not here, here is for the goalie enthusiasts. So without further ado let’s start reading!


Goalie Guide Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y1kIaJ5oeh62OWQmLufQ2TzJbl-hrT-2/view?usp=sharing


P.S I know some people have asked about giving money so here’s a quick link to PayPal (as there isn’t enough content being put out for Patreon):  paypal.me/CreaseGiants

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